Started in December of 1997 as a way of gathering information and offering that information back to those interested in the facts and history of Roughwater Boats. This information comes from many sources including sales brochures, news articles and conversations with people that have been in and around the importation and sale of these yachts. I asked that if you find inaccuracies in information that you offer facts or conversation to help me find the answers. This site is an attempt to learn more about Roughwater history.

Please visit the following pages and share whatever information you can. I am no expert on Roughwater history, however with your help I might get there. I have learned the first official year for Roughwater Boats was 1969 and the model was an all wood 35'. Three years later this boat received a fiberglass hull and an all wood 41 Roughwater was produced. The 41 Pilothouse received its fiberglass hull around 1975 and in 1979 received the fiberglass deck. Roughwater Boats came to an end around 1986, however a few boats trickled out of the CC Chen boatyard in Taiwan. It seems they were special order boats for those that knew where to go. After these fell off Mickelson Yachts came into the 46' Roughwater, and had some built under their name. These boats sold in the mid $300,000 range.

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