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Information is extremely limited for it is not listed anywhere. I know of its existence because I have been aboard one in the Puget Sound area in 1988. I spoke with Mr.LaPoca he stated he was the one responsible for the creation of the 46 Pilot House. He had the CC Chen boat yard in Taipei extend the stern out 4 feet for the cost of $4200.00. The cabin areas were almost identical to the 42. In the aft cabin the walls were done in a teak panel. Necessary arrangements were made and a boat was produced. There is no information on how many were produced, however I know at least 7 were built in 1986. I have learned this boat continued in production after Roughwater officially went out of business.

I have been on the one shown on the pictures page and what impressed me was the difference in room. I am 6' and at no time did I have to duck to miss a ceiling (other than entry to the pilothouse from outside). The v-berth, salon, and pilothouse had a larger feel than our 41, even the forward and aft heads had more room. Is this the same room of the 42' Roughwater? I will compare the next time an opportunity to visit a 42' comes along. I opened the hatches to the engine room and again surprised it was not cramped for space. The additional length and height of this vessel really does make a difference. Still love my 41, but this is quite a vessel.

Mickelson Yachts somehow acquired the exact yacht and sold it for a number of years. I have heard rumor they built a one off this 46' only in a 52' length. I have no further information. If you look at the silhouette of the 46' Mickelson you will find the 42' Roughwater!!

Jim Roberts



Length: 46'
Beam: 13'6"
Draft: 3'6"
Displacement: n/a
Fuel Capacity: Approximately 350 Gallons
Fresh Water: Approximately 250 Gallons
Headroom Cabin: 6'6"
Headroom Pilot House: 6'4"

Headroom Aft Cabin:

Sleeping: 8


Detroits 8.2L, 250 hp
Cruise: 14 Knots

Top Speed:

Range: n/a
Years Built: 1980 to 1981
Price New: n/a
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