Roughwater 58

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I need information on this vessel. Knowledge here is very limited. If you have information please use the email page to contact me.

I know it was built with the traditional Roughwater hand lay up fiberglass hull.

On 11/7/98 I was contacted by an individual who is just becoming familiar with this vessel. To date it is the only one I am aware of. The Owners of the Swan Song out of Nanny Cay Marina would like to make contact with other 58' Offshore owners. If other owners find this site please email me and I will put the two of you together. All photos shown here were donated by the owners of Swan Song, thank you.

3/29/99. I have been contacted by Keith Christianson of Ventura Harbor who has seen another 58 in California. Keith if you find this your email address was deleted and I have been unable to reach you to learn more about the location. As noted above information is limited and I would like to help all owners in their quest of the facts.

8/2000. I now know of 4 of these vessels. Two of them are in Washington State. I have been in contact with one and we will get together with pictures and facts. He informed me that at least two models were built, the Offshore and the Widebody. I know of another Widebody out of the country and will try to learn more.

I have gathered the following facts and some preliminary out of water photos. As more information becomes available, I will post it.

Hal Paris interview…Below are the actual words Hal Paris gave me on the Roughwater 58.

I saw the big hull mold lying in a field alongside the Chen Hwa boat yard. I got the plans and sent them to Ed Monk Sr. and asked if he could redesign the hull into a pleasure boat? Monk trimmed her down in the stern and made a nice looking boat. Monk did not design the hull, only the superstructure. Less than 10 of these were built. The original fishing boat was designed to be carried aboard a mother ship and then put in the water for fishing.

2/1/2006, The Following 58's have been located.
Swan Song BVI Narrow Body x
Eagle Washington Wide Body x
Freedom Washington Wide Body x
Ruffain California Wide Body x
Dorothy June Virginia Wide Body x
Captain's Gig Florida x x
No Name California Narrow Body 1979 For Sale 2/1/06
*This will bring the total located to 7, Hal thought under 10 were built then most have been located.


Length: 58'
Beam: 13.8'
Draft: 5.6'
Displacement: 64,000 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: Approximately 1200 Gallons
Fresh Water: Approximately 400 Gallons
Headroom Cabin: 6.9'
Headroom Pilot House: n/a

Headroom Aft Cabin:

Sleeping: n/a


6GM 6-71, Diesel 3 to 1 Reduction
Cruise: 8.2 Knots

Top Speed:

Range: n/a
Years Built: early 1970's to 1980 and maybe beyond
Price New: $135,000
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