Hal Paris Letter to Jim & Susie Roberts

1960's to 1983

In the beginning there must have been an idea for a very efficient, very roomy, and practical 40' northwest cruiser. I would guess Ed Monk Sr. designed this boat for a specific application. Along comes Ed Blanchard, it is believed by a few that he built the first Roughwater design hull in Washington State in the early 1960's. Next comes George McQueen ( picture below ) of Vancouver BC. He needed a hull and got together with Ed Monk and built a few wood hulls of the 40' design. George McQueen went on to larger boats and then comes Hal Paris, retired Air Force Pilot, who wanted to get into the boat business. I believe Hal Paris to be stationed in Taiwan during his service, he must have gotten to know the boatyards and started the project later known to be Roughwater Boats. With desire and exposure to the boat builders his dream was on its way.

In 1969 the first Roughwater 35 Roughwater was built out of wood. Harold Paris set up his Marina Del Rey office in 1970 and began importing Roughwater Boats from Taiwan. Mr. Paris set up four dealers, one in Seattle, two others in California, and one in Florida.

First change in management since 1969

On September 30, 1983 Harold Paris sold Roughwater Boats to Marvin Finell a retired attorney from Beverly Hills and Bob Ajeman. Mr. Ajeman asked to be bought out by Finell because of differences almost immediately after the partnership. Finell agreed. One of the early problems was Mr. Finell spent much of his time in Europe and left the Marina Del Ray office to his nephew. The nephew apparently had a difficult time because the business was failing. The name during this time was changed to Roughwater Yachts Inc.

A change back to Harold Paris

In 1986 Harold Paris was awarded all the assets of Roughwater Boats because of default by the purchaser of 1983. A few months later Mr. Paris made an agreement with C. C. Chen Boatyard so they could continue building these fine boats.

Hal Paris Letter to Jim & Susie Robers

June 30, 1986

On this date Harold Paris formed an agreement with Hsing Hang Marine Industries and C. C. Chen Boat Yard Ltd. In this agreement Harold Paris gave the above boat builders exclusive rights to produce and sell Roughwater Boats. The boats involved were the 37, 41, and the 42. In exchange for this H. Paris was to be given specific royalties for each boat sold.

C. C. Chen produced and marketed Roughwater Boats and H. Paris stayed involved with the boat builder until 1990. At this time younger relatives were involved in management and the royalty money stopped coming. Harold Paris did not pursue legal action he just stopped all relationships with the building and marketing of the Roughwater Boats. As most in the Boating community know not many Roughwater were produced after this date.

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