Window Leaks

I am in the process of trying to resolve my leaking windows.  It appears that over the last 20 years the sealer that was used has shrunk and left openings.  These openings allow the water to find its way to the interior of the vessel.  I am not ready to replace all my windows at this time so I am experimenting with various products.  The latest product and most promising is Capt. Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure.

I started by removing the years of varnish and sealer that was lying next to the window and on top of the teak trim.  Next I made sure I was deep enough into the sealer that the level was a little below the teak trim.  This gave a clean look and allowed a place for the Creeping Crack Cure to settle and seep into the old sealer.  As I applied the product I saw it sink into the old sealer and in certain areas come up and into the inside of the window.  I also learned that if I pushed in on the window I would find areas that would bubble as the product moved in and out.  I continued applying in 30 minute intervals and would try again the next time I came down to the boat.  I found that when I put pressure on the window and no more bubbles appeared and the product no longer seeped into the space between glass and wood I was finished.

This process resulted in sealing all openings and fastened the glass more securely to the cabin side and teak molding.  I have done all my windows and am waiting for the big rain.  I am boathouse kept and have not had more than 5 hours exposure to the rain.  The results were promising, no leaking, no seeping.  I need two days out in the rain for the real test.  I will keep you informed.

Jim Roberts

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